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Academics in CPS

CPS, Udaipur has a proven designed curriculum of XSEED which is been prepared by brains across the world and from experts of different streams, before implementing it was well tested by teachers as well as students, the curriculum provides the essential academic, social and physical skills that the child needs in the challenging world a positive, safe, nurturing environment enhances learning by establishing and maintaining a high level of academic and behavioural expectations. CPS (Best Preschool in Udaipur) curriculum concerns itself with the overall development of the child. While encouraging positive individual characteristics, it promotes student responsibility, co-operation, creativity and respect for individuality and equality. CPS students will not only have high academic standards, but also a major focus on overall development of a child.

At CPS a child will not only have a practical way of learning but the school also provides the most advance form of teaching through the modern teaching methodology smart classes by EDU COMP. As it's a proven fact that a child grasps those things more which they see and hear hence with smart class support all the content of the course will be given to students in animated and motion picture form.

CPS follows curriculum prescribed by the CBSE till Grade XII