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Best Boarding School in Udaipur, Rajasthan with Hostel Facility

Bricks and mortar do not make an institution. However, since these houses the paraphernalia needed to keep body and mind in the right frame, constant improvement in infrastructure is a necessary and an ongoing process. With the changing era Computers are used to teach computer science courses and as a resource for educational and administrative purposes.

As the LOGO of CPS, Udaipur symbolizes strive that brightens the path of a learner, a quest for continuous improvement by pursuing a quality education and excellence in the field.

CPS offers most advanced Classrooms which have been wired and “smart classes” are in place to facilitate modern teaching methodologies. The school is equipped with the most advanced education software’s which makes learning much simpler and smooth at the same time blending it with traditional chalk and talk. This makes an emphatic statement about the school’s commitment to gear students and navigate the information superhighway that is changing the world.

Well-equipped biology, physics and chemistry laboratories, a state-of the-art computer department and the IT Zone is constantly buzzing with activity.

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To make students more responsible, disciplined school conducts scouts training.


Its scientifically proven fact that music relaxes mind and thus improves productivity, hence we believe that Music stimulates a totally different part of a student's intellect and imagination. Students pursue this hobby with passion and spend much of the personality development period in the music school that is housed separately. Cpian’s have an option to take Visharad degree of music along with regular academic sessions. The music school offers training in vocal, as well as instrumental music. The school has its own band and school assembly is the showcase for the same.


Painting, wood and stone sculpting, pottery, batik, screen-printing and hand-block printing are some of the arts the students learn in CPS.

Sports and games:

A 15-metre swimming pool, badminton courts, tennis court, cricket ground national standard skating rink and soccer fields provide excellent training grounds for upcoming sportsmen.


CPS also provides hostel facilities with 3 seated spacious rooms for both boys and girls, with high security standards.


Vital doses of jokes, pranks, camaraderie and bonding help overcome the bout of ‘flu or conjunctivitis perhaps as much as the medication. To ensure good medical facilities CPS provides visiting doctor facility once a week. In case of any emergency there is a tie-up with expert doctor’s and hospitals.